Lux Afrique Agency

We’re a digital agency focused on accelerating your business by engaging and connecting to ultra-high net worth audiences across Africa and the world.

- Luxury brands wanting to target the African market
We Are Experts

Influencer marketing works because people influence people. Today, consumers are choosing to listen to each other over brands. That’s why influencers are so powerful. They are trusted individuals with loyal followings across digital platforms.

What We Do

We handle it all: from creative concept to campaign realisation to measuring and reporting the results, we make sure it’s done properly.

We can connect you with influencers across Africa in fashion, lifestyle, technology and travel who will match your brand’s individual aesthetic and vision, allowing you to reach millions worldwide.

- Influencer marketing with impact

Influencer Marketing Strategy

We work with our partners on long term collaborations and will work in close co-operation with your marketing team in order to design the most successful influencer marketing strategy for your brand, based on your particular goals and objectives.

Content Creation & Management

We empower digital influencers to create beautiful and inspiring content for your brand. You can also leverage this content for your brand’s own online and offline channels


As one of the leading influencer marketing agencies, we have built great relationships with influencers across Africa which means that we can get them to work on a minute’s notice, even if it is pre-contract, because we have built trust through the market. This flexibility is crucial to success.

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How We Work

“Connecting luxury brands wanting to target the African market through influencers and brand partnership”.

“Providing celebrities, Sports personalities, Musicians, Influencers access to brand endorsement or partnership with luxury brands”.

- Connecting with Africa

Brand Ambassadors

We match your brand to the right digital influencers and they eventually become brand ambassadors. Through continuous brand activations, we guide ambassadors to communicate your brand’s message and create awareness for your products in an organic way.

Brand Activations

Through various agreed brand activations, we create engagement and brand awareness in your target audience. Activations can range from hosting in-store events or pop-ups to running customer competitions or challenges.


Do you want to reach gigantic global audiences? We combine killer creative with data science and unleash the results on millions of information hungry fans. Our expertise ranges from data intelligence and digital marketing, to creative content and campaign development.

Lux Afrique Company

“Lux Afrique Company is a luxury multi-network business platform consisting of a lifestyle & concierge service plus an online magazine amongst other services. This allows our reach into the African luxury sector to be extremely strong and provides additional benefits to the digital agency and its clients” &

- Bigger reach through our sister companies